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Arts Empowerment

Mwalimu Mentorship Program

Mwalimu” is a Swahili word that means tutor.

 Mwalimu Mentorship Program is an interest based annual apprenticeship program designed by Streetlights Uganda to linking mentors (Artists) to mentees (Street connected children) between ages 12 and 25 years based on areas and skillsets they are intrested in learning, achieving and growing.

The InSchool and OutSchool Program

Working with both school going and non school going children living in underserved communities

We do different art projects with them and different workshops so that they get skills that can help them improve on their standards of living. We plan to start clubs in schools under this program to create more awareness about the dangers of street life and drug abuse.

Future me

Future me is a mental health project aimed at using visual art to enable children share the great lessons they took from the unforeseen Pandemic through writing letters to the future them of the things they wish they had known or could have done better and only came to this realisation after and during the Pandemic. They also share their experiences of how their lives were affected by Covid 19.
Beneficiaries write letters to their future selves on papers and use surgical face masks as well as other recycled items to create wall installations in collage and decoupage. This is basically a redefined and more crafty vision board.


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Ntunga Program

Ntunga is a luganda word meaning “Am sewing. It falls under the Family arm, mainly done by women in pre-urban settlements in and beyond Kampala.

The purpose is to increase their income inflow as well as help provide for their children in bid to prevent them from running to the streets because of poverty. The women basically learn the process of using a sewing machine and how creative they can design for different garments and other products. The project is currently being done with the women in Kibuli slum in partnership with People Concern Children’s Project. (PCCP) and Hoima in partnership with CoCuDi Center with support from SBC Uganda LTD. The first group of 15 women from Kibuli graduated in October 2017. Out of the 20 women that registered in the first cohort in Hoima before the pandemic,  8 graduated in July 2022. The Second Cohort is currently undergoing its training in Hoima Buseruka and will be graduating in March 2023. 

Tambula project

“Tambula” is a Luganda word meaning walk.

A project that advocates for safe and long-lasting shoes for children who live on the streets and in slums These children normally walk barefoot making them prone to contracting germs and accidents. Using old car tyres, we train these children how to make themselves sandals for use as well as for sale. This is one of the projects we carried out with 15 youth from Ewaka Foundation in 2016.

Bag Yange Project

A project that advances free ownership of a school bag for every child in marginalised communities in Uganda.

The purpose of the project is to make sure every child that lacks a bag in those schools owns a bag locally made from recycled material by themselves. Through the use of old t-shirts, Jeans, other recyclable material, fabric, and a few accessories. The project was done with 20 youth from PCCP in 2017.  In December 2022, we launched a Bag Yange Campaign where we made a call for old jeans to enable the Ntunga women create 200 School bags for children in Buseruka Primary School in Hoima District. The Bags are to be distributed in 2023.

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Streetlights Art Academy

This is one of our proposed project that involves setting up a learning centre for children living on the streets.

It’s three main objectives are to Educate them freely through literacy programs and art education mainly focusing on 5 art disciplines/projects (Fashion, photography, Carpentry, painting and advertising design), Engage them with other art loving children that will join the centre, mentors, artists and role models, Entrepreneurship training to connect their creative activities to the economy and find out how they can enter the job market. Below are the five art disciplines to be offered at the academy