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Mwalimu Mentorship Program

What Is Mwalimu Mentorship Program

Mwalimu Mentorship Program – Mwalimu” is a swahili word that means tutor. Mwalimu Mentorship Program is an intrest based annual apprenticeship program designed by Streetlights Uganda aimed at linking mentors (Artists) to enable mentees (Street connected children and youth at risk) between 12 and 25 based on areas and skillsets they are intrested in learning, achieving and growing.

This is to enable them develop their own skills, strategies, and capabilities so that they can always tackle hurdles they face effectively even without the mentors’ help. 


Program Pillars



Working with mentors (Artists) who train these children has been a key aspect of this program. They train them in different skills ranging from painting, drawing, sculpture, drama, dance, among other art forms together with engaging them in soft skills training.


We carried out a pilot in 2019 in the slums of Naguru with Ghetto Film Project were we impacted 10 youths who participated in our Unseen Me Exhibition in 2019. Due to Covid 19 and lockdown, most of our 2020 activities were virtual until 2021 where we had the first cohort of 14 youths from Bwaise- Mayinja zone who went through the program and graduated at the end of the year.



Mwalimu online sessions and Podcast

Since the outbreak of Covid19 in Uganda in 2020, the team came up with remote ways to engage with the beneficiaries through remote ways of learning like using ZOOM, WHATSAPP, and GOOGLE MEETS among other platforms. This was aimed at limiting the physical engagements during the lockdown periods but continuing to achieve the program objectives.  Our plan is to build it into an accessible service through which conversations amongst former street children can share and find  tangible outcomes and solutions to the problems they face. Through this, we will also be launching our  Mwalimu Podcast soon. watch the space.

Objectives of online engagements


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