Awareness / advocacy

Here beneficiaries get to know about the dangers of life on the streets, through publicized campaigns and practical informative skits and stories. One of the major projects under this activity is the Street Monster Comic book Issue 1 which was launched in early 2019. It’s a comic book done in partnership with Reminac comics basically highlighting the plight of street-connected children in Uganda. 
A story of a 12-year old Woyaga Derrick waking up in Kampala after accidentally falling asleep on a food track heading to the big city from his home in Mbale district. Wandering aimlessly for days, helpless and starving bewildered by the cruelty of the world around him towards the street child, he is saved by a gang of street children when some agents forcefully subdue him. Thankful to the new gang for saving his life from the ruthless agents, he agrees to live with them but little does he know they only saved him to use him as a tool to commit atrocities unimaginable in the name of survival
We have sold over 97 copies and reached out to over 100 children and youth living on the streets through this book creating awareness about the dangers of street  habitation and drug abuse especially amongst young people. Many beneficiaries have drastically changed their ways after reading the comic and knowing about the dangers of drug abuse. The team is working together to complete Issue 2 of the same story whose launch will be announced soon.